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Sandwich Platter
Pickle & Olive Tray
Cheese Platter
Fresh Fruit Platter
Gourmet's Choice  A bountiful arrangement of the finest meats.  Tray includes lean roast beef, oven roasted turkey      breast, virginia-style baked ham, bison hard salami, mild provolone and domestic Swiss cheese. Our #1 seller
 Party size serves 12-14, Crowd pleaser serves 22-26 
Budget Pleaser  A combination of five delicious meats including cooked ham, olive loaf, German bologna, chopped ham and cooked salami with domestic Swiss and provolone cheese.  The most for much less than you'd imagine.  A tasty entertainer for any party  Party size serves 12-14, Crowd pleaser serves 20-24.
Sandwich platter  Lean roast beef, oven roasted turkey breast and Virginia-style baked ham on a bed of lettuce with a fresh baked dinner roll.  An all occasion favorite that's sure to please.  (24 hour notice required for this platter).
Party size (30) sandwiches serves 12-14, Crowd pleaser (48) sandwiches serves 20-24.
Cream-of-the-Crop  A fresh hand cut, taste-tempting arrangement of garden fresh vegetables,  Consists of celery, mini carrots, green pepper strips, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli florets.  the platter is complemented with our own store made veggie dip.  Party size serves 8-10, Crowd pleaser serves 15-20  
Fresh fruit Platter  A hand-cut splendor of fresh fruit on a tray with a flavorful dip to add a unique taste.  The fruit platter includes cantaloupe, honeydew, fresh pineapple, red seedless grapes, strawberries and watermelon when available. 
Party size serves 8-10, Crowd pleaser serves 15-20.   
Cheese Platter  A colorful array of bite-sized mild, sharp and flavored domestic cheeses.  Consists of hot pepper, onion, sharp American and Swiss cheese, separated by pepperoni slices and centered with seedless grapes.  A flavorful variety sure to be a big hit at any party or function.  Party size serves 12-16, Crowd pleaser serves 22-26.
Pickle & Olive Tray  This tray features a variety of relishes that's guaranteed to be a great "party-starter".  This platter includes stuffed Spanish olives, Large black pitted olives, Dill and sweet pickles, pepperoncini and mild pepper rings.  A sure winner.  Party size serves 12-14, Crowd pleaser serves 18-22.
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Guaranteed fresh always
Roast Beef with Au Jus
We use only the finest USDA inspected beef.  Sirloin tips, Top rounds or Bottom rounds are normally used. The Roast is seasoned to perfection using our own recipe and placed in our stone ovens to slow roast.  Once finished the roast is sliced very thin and against the grain making the roast very tender.  

Warning! You are about to eat some of the best tasting Roast Beef in the World.  Be prepared to be complimented by all your guest, they will all want to know what your secret is.  What you tell them is up to you!!! 
King of 
Roast Beef
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